How to sign up for the Company of Heroes 3 Mission Alpha

Stay in the shade and experience the desert from home.

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Relic Entertainment and Sega have revealed a firm release date for Company of Heroes 3. This long-running franchise has been in development for quite some time, with a nine-year gap between major releases. Sega and Relic have been testing the title using their Open Dev alpha, and they have recently announced an alpha test for the opening mission of the North African operations campaign. This guide will run you through the steps to sign up and play the Company of Heroes 3 Mission Alpha.

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How to sign up and play the Mission Alpha

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To begin the process of playing the Mission Alpha, you must log in to the official Company of Heroes website. Follow these steps to finish signing up for the playtest. This alpha test will be available until July 19.

  1. Head to the official website used for the alpha test.
  2. Register with the button in the top right corner if you don’t have a Relic account.
  3. Once you have a Relic account, or if you have one already, log in to transition to the Company of Heroes community hub.
  4. Link your Steam account to your Relic account using the button provided on the next page. It will look like this if you have done everything correctly up to this point.
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Sign into Steam to download the Mission Alpha

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Once the account is linked, open your Steam program and head to your Library section. Once you are in your Library, look for the Company of Heroes 3: Mission Alpha and download it. Once the download completes, you can play this campaign sample until it expires on July 19. The Mission Alpha is 23 GB, so ensure you have the necessary file space to complete the download and play this test.