All Factions in Company of Heroes 3 and how they work

Know your enemy.

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Company of Heroes 3 is the latest in the long-running RTS series featuring an isometric tactical version of World War 2. Despite the top-down approach, Company of Heroes still features in-depth cover systems, complete physics-based destruction, and a large variety of units spread across each faction. Knowing which unit to build and how to use them is critical to victory, but the in-game tutorial doesn’t go in-depth with each faction. This guide will explain all four factions in Company of Heroes 3.

How each faction works in Company of Heroes 3

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Company of Heroes 3 takes place across two distinct theaters of war, the Italian and North African campaigns. As such, the four factions this game features were designed for the types of battle and strategy these regions dictated. This is every faction in Company of Heroes 3.


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The Afrikakorps, as you can probably guess from their name, are the German faction stuck in a long battle against British forces across vast stretches of desert. This faction is an agile group, capable of quick strikes and speed over brawn. The big tanks Germany was known for, such as Panzers and Tiger Tanks, aren’t featured, focusing on smaller armor that is a better fit for the harsh terrain. This faction is ideal for players who start each battle with momentum and map control.

Their lightweight vehicles give them an early edge against starting infantry units, and their late-game tanks can use speed to outflank other factions’ heavy tanks and static defenses. This faction is who you will play as in the North Africa campaign.

British Forces

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As agile and mobile as the Afrikakorps, the British Forces are the opposite. This faction is excellent for new players as they’re straightforward to pick up and play. They’re also the best pick for players who prefer to turtle up, as they have the best defenses and heavy artillery in the game. Their armor is okay, but it takes time to build up. They have great engineers, so using them to build static defenses and tank traps can help you mitigate other factions’ mobility.

US Forces

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The US Forces are the best infantry-focused faction in the game. They feature a dynamic duo between their special forces and their elite paratroopers. The US specializes in dropping powerful infantry units behind enemy lines, which can disrupt their capture points and cut off resupply. As they progress into the late game, they can transition into the robust Sherman tanks, backed up with the best air support abilities in the game. This faction is who you play as in the Italian campaign, and they are an excellent fit for advanced players capable of micro-managing many units across a battlefield.


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The Wehrmacht faction is the traditional German force capable of a full-on aerial and ground attack that can be hard to contend with. This faction starts slow, and the key to victory is securing Fuel capture points and holding them until you can progress into the late game. This faction is the best late-game group in the game, and their heavy tanks, like the Tiger and Panzer IV, can easily dominate medium and small armor. They can also use devastating map-wide artillery strikes to destroy entrenched cover and defenses. This is also an excellent faction to use once you are familiar and comfortable with the game mechanics, as they are tough to pick up and play.

You can experiment with each faction in Skirmish mode, and we suggest starting with the British forces as you learn the nuances of the game mechanics and how they work. Make sure to use Tactical Pause with the spacebar to give yourself time to manage the chaos Company of Heroes 3 is capable of.