How to unlock and equip skins in Company of Heroes 3

Dress in style for the fight ahead.

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Company of Heroes 3 continues the series tradition of unlocking and equipping various skins for each faction. In previous games, players could unlock new skins for individual units, vehicles, and even structures. Company of Heroes 3 features a Loadout feature that lets all four factions unlock and equip a variety of new skins and models for all their existing units and buildings. This guide will explain how to unlock and equip skins in Company of Heroes 3.

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How to change your Loadout in company of Heroes 3

Players can begin customizing their favorite factions’ appearance from the main menu. To do so, select the Loadout tab at the top of the main menu. This will bring you to a new screen that gives you access to all factions and their individual units.

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Once you access this menu, you can select one of the four factions. When you choose a faction, you will gain access to a drop-down menu of all playable units that the faction can create. Once you have a skin unlocked, select that unit from the drop-down menu, pick their skin, and make sure to select Equip in the lower right corner of the screen. Unit skins will appear in Skirmish and all multiplayer modes, including competitive and co-op versus AI modes. These skins will not be reflected in the two main story campaigns.

How to unlock cosmetics in Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 is launching with a series of skins for players who pre-order any edition of the game and for players who purchase the Digital Premium Edition. Players who pre-order the base game or the Digital Premium Edition gain access to the Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack.

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Shortly after launch, the Store will become available, and players can earn cosmetics with a free currency called Merits or a premium currency called War Bonds. Merit can be unlocked by completing unique challenges. Certain legendary cosmetics can only be unlocked with the paid War Bonds currency. These are the skins players can earn by pre-ordering the game.

  • Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack
    • US Rifleman Cosmetic [Legendary]
    • US Scout Cosmetic [Legendary]
    • M18 Hellcat Cosmetic [Legendary]
    • M8 Greyhound Cosmetic [Legendary]
    • Pioneer Profile & Title [Legendary]

Players who purchase the digital Premium edition gain access to the following skins in addition to the Devils Brigade DLC pack.

  • Premium US HQ Cosmetic [Legendary]
  • Premium Victory Point Cosmetic [Legendary]
  • Premium US M4 Sherman Cosmetic [Legendary]

Check up on your favorite factions in the Loadout screen, and dress in style for the hectic multiplayer battles that lie ahead in Company of Heroes 3.