How the Hunters Arm works in Wild Hearts

A hunter’s best gadget.

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The Hunters Arm is a crucial skill all players can use to devastate creatures in Wild Hearts. Despite its importance, Hunters Arm is never taught to players, even in a brief tutorial. Wild Hearts features a vast array of techniques, Karakuri buildings, and a deep set of weapons to help players hunt down the wild Kemono in each world. Learning how to use these tools will help you power up your gear, augment your weapon and upgrade the town. This guide will explain how the Hunters Arm works in Wild Hearts.

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How to use the Hunters Arm in Wild Hearts

To use the Hunters Arm ability, you must jump and hold R1 to grab onto a monster. Then, crawl over a glowing spot on their body. You will be prompted to hold R2 to activate the Hunters Arm when you’re in the correct position. Hold R2 until your hunter finishes extracting energy and leaps back onto the ground.

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As you start unlocking armor and weapon upgrades in Wild Hearts, you may notice many perks mentioning the Hunters Arm. Perks often state you will gain offensive power after activating Hunters Arm, for example. The Hunters Arm is used to draw out power from a Kemono’s glowing wounds, which will overfill your Celestial Thread, stun the Kemono and cause them to drop a handful of Kemono Orbs in the process.

How to unlock Hunters Arm in Wild Hearts

Despite the game never giving you a tutorial on the Hunters Arm, you actually unlock it after building your camp and finishing the opening tutorial sequences. From this moment on, you are free to begin using Hunters Arm and extracting Celestial Thread to help you build an onslaught of towers during battle.

Take advantage of this technique to buff your hunter as well. Many skills on your armor and weapons will only activate after successfully using the Hunters Arm in battle. Make sure to keep that in mind during some of the game’s biggest boss battles.