How the Intrepid Heart skill works in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

For those who need to endure a heavy hit.

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The Intrepid Heart skill is another passive you can add to your character’s armor set in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It’s a good skill to add to your loadout, although you may not want to use it depending on your build and overall playstyle. It might not be for every Monster Hunter player, but it will be useful. This guide covers how the Intrepid Heart skill works and how you use it in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

What the Intrepid Heart skill does in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

If you use a weapon that is more of a heavy hitter and doesn’t frequently hit an enemy, you may not want to use the Intrepid Heart skill. The Intrepid Heart skill will activate if you fill up a gauge and continuously land attacks against an enemy. When activated, it negates damage reactions and reduces damage taken from a single attack that would knock you back. If you go for the second-tier effect of this skill, the damage reduction is increased, and it will detonate an explosion.

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The Intrepid Heart skill appears on two armor pieces. You can find it on Flaming Espinas Grip gloves and the Flaming Espinas Heel leggings. As the name of these armor pieces suggests, you can acquire them from battling against and harvesting the Flaming Espinas. You can find this monster when you reach Master Rank 10. You will need to work through the Sunbreak expansion and complete the entire story to get to this point.

The Intrepid Heart skill won’t be for every player, but it can be exceptionally useful if your weapon can land enough attacks against the monster. It does take some effect to reach this point, but it’s a good payoff, especially if a single hit can knock your character out.