How the Pin mini-game works in WWE 2K23

Kick out, kick out!

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Visual Concepts WWE 2K23 comes with some some nuances that players need to learn. One such distinction is a special mini-game for pinfalls that players may need to take a bit of time in order to get used to. Luckily, we can help out. Here’s a look at the pin mini-game in WWE 2K23, how it works, and what needs to be done on the player’s end in order to make the most of it.

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WWE 2K23 Pinfalls mini-game, explained — How Pinfall works in WWE 2K23

This year, a new pinfall mini-game has been added to WWE 2K23. In last year’s game, WWE 2K22, players were tasked with mashing A (for Xbox) or X (for PlayStation) in order to fill up a circular meter. Do that, and a kick-out would occur.

For WWE 2K23, players must properly time a kick-out. When the opposition attempts a pin, a meter with a red bar will appear. After that occurs, a white cursor will begin to bounce left and right of the meter. The goal is the land the cursor into the red portion of the bar in order to kick out of a pin.

In order to have the cursor land in the red, you will need to hit either A (for Xbox) or X (for PlayStation) or push up with the right stick.

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We should note that the size of the inner bar and the speed the cursor moves will depend on the amount of damage done in a match. If you’ve sustained little damage and the opponent attempts a pin, it should be easy to kick out. However, it will be much harder if you have taken a lot of abuse along the way.