How the Rampart Extravaganza Arenas Takeover works in Apex Legends

Maximum fire power at a nice discount.

Rampart Extravaganza Arenas Takeover

Image via Respawn

Rampart is taking over Apex Legends for the Evolution Collection Event, and this Takeover isn’t just for Battle Royale. While the Battle Royale Town Takeover, Big Maude, is quite the spectacle on its own, Rampart is also taking over Arenas. Rampart Extravaganza Arenas Takeover is more subtle, as it doesn’t add anything to the maps, but it will be changing up the shop in Arenas. Let’s take a look at how the Rampart Extravaganza Arenas Takeover works in the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event.

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Extravaganza Arenas shop

Rampart Extravaganza Arenas Takeover weapon select
Image via Respawn

The shop for the duration of the Evolution Collection Event will be modified to Rampart’s liking. It will have a paint-inspired new look, with Rampart’s face there to judge all of your pre-game choices. She will offer discounts for players to buy her fully-kitted weapons. Some are equipped with her Graffiti Mod, and will leave paint all over the Arena if you have Impact Marks turned on in your gameplay settings.

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These discounts make fully-kitted purchases of select light machine gun weapons cost less than their normal fully-kitted price, but must be paid for in full.

They are also gold-tier, which you normally can’t purchase directly from the Arenas shop, so make use of it while you can.

The Rampart Extravaganza Arenas Takeover last from September 14 until September 28.