How to access the Rocket League Sideswipe alpha test

Want to get in on the early action?

Image via Psyonix

Any Rocket League fans that saw the announcement for their new mobile spinoff, Sideswipe, and got excited should be looking forward to a chance to give the game a try early. Seeing the popular soccer game go 2.5D is surprising and has us intrigued, so getting your hands on the game’s early tests should be pretty sought after. If you are lucky enough to live in some regions of the world, you can get in on the Alpha Test right now. Here is how.

To be eligible for the Rocket League Sideswipe Alpha Test, you must be living in either New Zealand or Australia. This first test is also exclusive to Android users running 6.0 or newer with at least 2GB of RAM.

To enroll, search for the Rocket League Sideswipe Alpha Test on the Google Play Store and request access. If the request is approved, you will be prompted to download the game. If you meet the above requirements and do not see a way to request access to the Alpha, then the game has probably been filled up on participants, and you will need to wait for another chance in the next test period.

There will be no expansion of the Alpha into other regions or onto iOS devices, but there will be a Beta in the future that is expected to be more available. Also, to participate, you will need a full Epic Games Store account, so be sure to create one if you have not yet.

The Alpha will take place between March 25-30. All early testers are welcome to stream their gameplay and leave feedback in the Discord channel made available by downloading the game. Note that Rocket League Sideswipe being in Alpha will likely lead to some bugs and issues. Be sure to leave feedback to the developers so they can address those issues for the future.