How to achieve 3 Star rank on Piazza Lanatra in Two Point Campus

I could go for a tremendous pizza right now.

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Piazza Lantara is the second stage that comes up in Two Point Campus. It starts off as a culinary college that prepares students for manning the grill at their local Denny’s. It’s still technically a tutorial stage where you’ll learn about campus clubs and private tuition, but nailing three stars can be tough on any stage. Here’s how you can cook up some completion.

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1 star goals

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  • Have 10 students complete private tuition

Private tuition is one of the easier goals to knock off here. Just make sure you’ve built at least one private tuition room, and for best results, hire a spare teacher or two to commandeer them. If you’re having trouble keeping staff in the room, you can go into the teacher’s menu and select their jobs. Uncheck everything except private tuition and they’ll have no choice but to tutor your students.

  • 70% average student entertainment

For student entertainment, you’ll probably want a student union and a student lounge, both of which can be loaded up with items that will keep the little dullards amused. However, it’s not a bad idea to scatter around some arcade cabinets in the halls for good measure. That way, students can fill their entertainment needs between classes.

  • 5 students reach B grade in gastronomy

Getting a B grade seems like a matter of time, but there are ways to boost your students’ grades. Make sure your library is well outfitted to ensure they can get their assignments done. Whenever they present you with a task to add an item to a learning facility, ensure that you do. Keeping enough private tuition rooms helps, but you can also replace lower-skilled professors with ones that have higher stats. Better applicants show up as your raise the level of your courses and campus. Just make sure you fire the less-spectacular ones, as they’ll block your more talented professors from trying to teach.

  • Win a campus cook-off

If you’re making a B grade, the campus cook-off will be a cinch. In order to book the event, just click on your gastronomy classroom and select new event. You’ll have to book it when the room isn’t in use, so if you try this near the end of the year, you’ll probably be annoyed that you can’t set it. Just wait until the next semester, and you should have space in your schedule.

2 star goals

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  • Have a club reach level 5

To bump your club up to level 5, you’re going to need at least the second tier of club furniture available for your students. You’re provided with speed walking and power napping at this stage of the game. To unlock better furniture, you first need to place down their base items. You can find the items in either the general items menu (there’s a tab for club furniture) or by using a tab in the club menu.

  • Raise average hygiene to 70%

Getting students to clean themselves may seem like a monumental task, but it’s mostly a matter of having a few shower rooms available. For extra cleanliness, you can also put hand sanitizer stations around campus, so better hygiene is never far away.

  • Win a county cook-off

As for the county cook-off. You’ll raise your student’s levels the same way as you would with the first star goals. Hire better staff and make sure that students have everything they need to complete their assignments. Once you have faith in your students (or they’re at an average of around 7-9), you can book the county cook-off in the same way.

  • Reach campus level 12

As long as you’re expanding courses, hiring staff, and adding facilities, getting to campus level 12 shouldn’t be too difficult. You can improve the prestige of rooms by putting decorations in them if you’re having difficulty hitting the threshold.

3 star goals

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  • Students on Campus x100

Getting 100 students on campus is a matter of spending your course points. You can bring one of the scientific programs from the first campus over, or just pour your points into gastronomy. Either will increase your student population. Note, that more students come in over time as your first years become second years and so on.

  • Satisfy 20 Personal Goals

Personal goals are those things that students constantly pester you about, like flower boxes and Crazy Taxi arcade cabinets. As long as you aren’t ignoring them entirely, this should be simple, but if you are, it’s time to start actually listening to the people paying their tuition.

  • Have an average B+ grade in gastronomy

If you took our advice to get the first star, this should be simple. Once again, it’s a matter of hiring skilled staff to replace the dumber ones you were stuck with bringing in at the start and keeping up with the demands of students. You can also add a few more private tuition rooms to help your students along.

  • Win a celebrity cook-off

The celebrity cook-off is the ultimate test for your students. Unless they’re struggling, the third-years in your school should be able to win easily. If you fail, however, you can always rebook the celebrity cook-off as often as you want.

And that should be all it takes to net you those three stars. It’s time to take the skills you learned here and move on to the next challenges.