How to activate Reactive Crystal in Warframe

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Image via Digital Extremes

As you explore the Cambion Drift on Deimos, one of Warframe’s open-world areas, you will discover Reactive Crystals. These broken monoliths are scattered around the map, although they do appear to move around and don’t have set locations.

They will appear as a broken Monolith with a central structure that glows. To activate them, you need to change to your Operator form and shoot them with you Amp. This will cause them to repair, and start working.

Reactive Crystal

Most of them will form some type of energy dome, and this is where it gets a little confusing. They all have a symbol that matches a Requiem Relic, and all of them appear to have different functions. Some will form a shield that stops enemies from getting to you, others will make enemy units friendly, and they will attack their fellow Infested. Some seem to force rare resources to drop if you kill enemies within a certain radius of them. We have a full guide on what each of the different pylons does, and how to farm rare resources from it.

You can also find Reactive Crystal under the surface, down in the tunnels when you are running missions for Mother. These can be incredibly useful as you can often be facing a flood of Infested enemies. Each Reactive Crystal has a very short cool down, so if you find one in a good spot, you can stay there for a while, then quickly reactivate it with your Amp when it stops working.