How to activate the Titan Gate in Breakwaters

Starting your journey into the unknown.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you reach the second island in Breakwaters, you will immediately notice that it is different than the first island. There are a bunch of pine trees, grassy hills, and a Titan Gate. The Titan Gate needs to be active for a purpose later on. Activating it isn’t as simple as pressing a button. It’s time to start crafting. Here is how you activate the Titan Gate in Breakwaters.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you look around the Titan Gate, you should see a dip in the ground with a water droplet symbol at the bottom. Obviously, you are going to need to get water up there. To do this, you will want to craft a Refined Blue Crystal. Like the Refined Yellow Crystal, this item manipulates water, but instead of pushing water away, it creates water.

To craft the Refined Blue Crystal, you need to get Blue Shards and an empty bottle. Blue Shards can be collected by defeating the rock elemental enemies with the blue crystals sticking out of them. You can also get Blue Shards by chopping down the trees with the blue crystals embedded in them. If you have crafted a refinery, you can turn the Blue Crystal items into Blue Shards with it.

Once you have the Refined Blue Crystal crafted, head up to the Titan Gate and throw the bottle at the water symbol. Water will explode outward and fill the area. This will activate the gate. You can tell that it worked because the Titan Gate will start to glow and a beam will shoot out of it.