Where to find the Conch of the Turtle Titan in Breakwaters

Titan relics hold incredible power.

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When you reach the second island in Breakwaters, you will be searching for an NPC named Shu. Before you discover his location, you may come across a trader who has made a small camp on the island. This NPC will offer you a quest to find a legendary conch shell. Here is how you can find the Conch of the Turtle Titan in Breakwaters.

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If you pay attention to what the trader tells you about the conch, he will mention that it is in a graveyard that is somewhere on the island. This is pretty vague considering there aren’t any actual graveyards. You will be searching for an area with buried idols. There is a pedestal in the middle of the idols with the conch on top of it.

The “graveyard” is typically near one of the island’s beaches. Search the edges of the island you are on to help narrow down the search. Once you discover the location you are looking for, grab the conch and return to the trader to complete the quest. This item is also necessary for a later quest that you will receive from Shu.