How to capture fireflies in Breakwaters

Fireflies can light up your life.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fireflies are one of the more unconventional things you can use to craft items in Breakwaters. Before you can use them to craft with, you first need to catch them. The game doesn’t give you a guide on catching these little lightning bugs, but they are used in a few crafting recipes. One of the best crafting recipes you can make with them is the Firefly Lantern. Here is how you can catch fireflies in Breakwaters.

To catch fireflies, you will first need to find an empty bottle or two. These can typically be found scattered in random places across the beach. You can also obtain them by defeating pirate enemies, breaking open crates, and purchasing them from traders. You will need the bottle for the fireflies.

After you have however many bottles you need, wait until nighttime. Fireflies will only appear at night. Once nighttime hits, search around the island for glowing yellow dots. Do not mistake the dots for yellow crystals. Fireflies are always in large groups which makes them easy to spot. Equip your bottle and swing it while standing near the fireflies to capture them. You can now use them to make lanterns or carry the bottle around like a torch.