How to travel to different islands in Breakwaters

You are off to bigger and better lands.

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One of the many features of Breakwaters is the ability to travel to different islands and discover new materials. Each island you visit will be different than the last. Traveling to different islands comes at a cost (as most great things do). Here is how you can travel to different islands in Breakwaters.

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You will need to progress in the story a little before you can begin your travels. After a while, you will learn how to craft Boat Flares. This item is a must if you want to leave the island you’ve grown to call home. To craft Boat Flares, you will first need to get some yellow crystals, crystal shards, and fire coral. Fire coral can be found off the beach, though it can take a little while to track down since it seems to be rarer.

Yellow crystals are easy to spot, especially at night time. Break the yellow crystals on the ground to collect both crystals and shards. Make sure you have at least 20 shards before you craft a Boat Flare. You can craft the Boat Flare from your base crafts menu in your inventory. Once you have one built, assign it to the hotbar and swim out to a point where the ocean floor is 15 meters below you.

Call the boat and wait for it to come in. Sometimes it takes a few minutes. Once the boat appears, talk to the trader on board and they will be able to sell you items and give you rides to different islands. This is where the crystal shards come in. If you don’t have crystal shards, you won’t be able to get off the island since all the traders use them as currency.