How to get iron ore in Breakwaters

Iron ore unlocks a ton of crafting items.

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Iron ore is one of the most necessary items in Breakwaters. This substance, like in other survival games, opens up new possibilities for crafting. One of the best uses of iron ore is to turn it into steel to use for armor and weapons. Here is how you can find iron ore in Breakwaters.

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Iron ore won’t become available to you right away. You will probably need to travel to a different island to find it. Before you can get the ore, you should build a hammer. Hammers are the best tool to use to crack open stone and ore. They deal increased damage and generally get more stone and ore to appear than axes or swords.

You can get iron ore in two places. The less efficient way of getting iron ore is to destroy red stones. These stones will typically drop one iron ore if you are lucky. The stones you really want to look for are red with black/grey veins running through them. These stones have more iron in them. They will still drop redstone, but they will also drop anywhere from four to eight iron ore.