How to get green jelly skin in Breakwaters

Green jelly is hard to come by.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Green jelly skin is perhaps one of the hardest items to get in Breakwaters. While it isn’t hard to figure out where it comes from, it seems to be impossible to obtain. This is unfortunate because green jelly skin is needed to build a solar still. Here is how you can get green jelly skin in Breakwaters.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you reach your second island, you will probably be faced with the dilemma of not being able to find water. A solar still is almost a necessity to build so you can have a reliable source of the life-saving liquid. The key component that you might have trouble finding is green jelly skin. Well, if you venture across the island a bit, you will most likely come across green blob enemies. These enemies drop green jelly skin when they are killed. The problem, however, is that no weapon damages them…yet.

To get the green jelly skin from the green jellies, you first need to build a torch. You can substitute by crafting a refined blue crystal. Use your torch and walk up to a green jelly. These enemies will naturally try to run (or slide) away from the torch. Use this to force them down to the water. When the green jelly touches the water, it will break apart into smaller bits that you can destroy with a weapon.