How to add friends for Destiny 2 crossplay

Crossplay is here.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 crossplay has arrived. For players who have been playing on consoles, wishing to join their PC friends or vice versa, now is your chance to jump into the game with everyone. Everyone will have crossplay enabled at the start of Destiny 2’s Season 15, Season of the Lost. However, if you’re looking to add your friends using the crossplay service, it works a little differently than it traditionally does, but the system is universal for console and PC players.

Rather than using your traditional PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, or Stadia name, you’re going to be using a Bungie name. It takes the username from whatever platform you’re playing on when you first boot up Destiny 2 during Season of the Lost and then sticks four numbers at the end of it. This is similar to the name you may have used if you have a account through Blizzard.

Make sure you’re on the platform with your preferred username when you first launch the season. Afterward, you can find it in your Director menu by going to the ‘roster’ tab. Hover over your name, and you’ll find the Bungie Name right there.

When you want to add a friend who is a different system than you, there are two options. The simple option is to directly search a player’s Bungie name in the search tab of the roster list. From there, you’ll be able to send them a direct friend request.

Alternatively, you can go through the website and create a account and sync your Xbox Live account, Steam, PlayStation, or Stadia account. Once you’ve typed in your information and synced your Destiny 2 account to your account, you can then add your friends to your list. They should transfer to your Destiny 2 account, and you’ll be able to invite them whenever the two of you are online together to join Fireteams. All friend invitations are accepted in Destiny 2.