How to add friends in Clash Royale

Storming towers is more fun with friends.

Image via Super Cell

Clash Royale is one of those games that players mostly play alone when taking a break or just seeking to kill some time. Yet it has grown so large and popular that the devs have found ways to integrate various new game modes, some even allowing players to engage in 2 versus 2 battles. For the sake of those events and the social aspects of gaming, it can be beneficial to add friends to your Clash Royale account.

You can leverage this power of friendship to test out new decks without fear of losing progress, practice in custom lobbies, and even just chat and share ideas on how to tackle the next challenge that the game has thrown at you.

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How to add friends in Clash Royale

There are a few easy-to-follow steps to add friends to your Clash Royale account:

  1. Find the profile of the friend you’re looking to add.
  2. Open the profile and find the ‘Add Friend’ button.
  3. Wait for them to accept the friend request.
  4. When they accept your new friend request, you can always find their profile under the ‘Social’ tab in Clash Royale.

How to invite your new friends in Clash Royale

Now that you have added new friends, it’s time to party up and play together or against each other. There is an easy way to do that from the ‘Battle’ tab, following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Battle’ tab in Clash Royale
  2. In the middle of the tab, you can see the ‘Party!’ button. Click it.
  3. You’ll be presented with available game modes. Pick one to play with your friend.
  4. Click on the ‘Play with Friend’ button to invite the friend to play with.
  5. After accepting the invitation, your friend will be joined to the game queue.