How to attach silencers in Rainbow Six Siege

Don’t let them hear you.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Rainbow Six Siege is packed with powerful gadgets and weaponry that you can use to outsmart your enemies, put them down, and win. Over the years, new weapons and attachments have been added to the game to broaden your choices regarding your arsenal. Some of these choices even play into challenges, such as getting¬†kills with an LMG. In this guide, we’ll explain how to attach silencers to your weapons in the game, so you can take your enemies down without them hearing a single shot.¬†

Check your loadouts

Screenshot by Gamepur

To attach a silencer, you need to head to the Operator menu in Rainbow Six Siege. You can select each Operator in turn and open their loadout, allowing you to alter each weapon. You can attach a silencer within the Barrel segment of a weapon menu. Most weapons don’t have silencers attached by default, but you can equip them before you even enter a match to guarantee that you’ll be using them.

You can also quickly add silencers to weapons in the middle of a match. Once you’ve selected your Operator, you’ll need to open their loadout and quickly change what’s equipped on the barrel. However, we found this much easier in the main game menu, where there’s no time pressure.