How to auto sort and organize inventory in Core Keeper

Spend as little time as possible in your inventory.

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Core Keeper is a game with many aspects that you must manage. There’s mining, collecting, crafting, and even combat, all of which you must master if you want to complete it. These features come with some tiresome mechanics, though, such as inventory management. However, you can alleviate this somewhat with a built-in feature that you likely didn’t know about. This guide explains how to auto sort and organize your inventory, so you can quickly drop stuff off before heading out to the more engaging gameplay once more.

How to auto sort

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Auto sorting has been made incredibly simple in Core Keeper. Whenever you open a chest that has a stack of items that are also in your inventory, press the Q key to automatically remove the items from your inventory and store them in the chest. They’ll be automatically stacked on top of whatever’s already in your chest. If you place one of each item in chests around your base, you can return there after gathering resources, work your way around each one, opening it and pressing Q to empty your inventory, and then leave.

How should you organize your inventory?

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You should organize your inventory in a way that makes sense to you in Core Keeper. For example, if you’re heading out to do some resource gathering, you don’t need everything you’d bring to a boss fight. Think about what you’re planning on doing while away from your base and plan your inventory accordingly. Leave any unessential items back at your base in a chest because you know where they are that way.

Ultimately, you’ll identify the core items you use for every activity and bring them with you every time you leave your base. It’s worth arranging your chests to contain sets of items to make things a bit less complicated in a pinch. You can do this by having separate chests for cooking items, crafting items, weapons, and mining gear.