How to avoid spider webs in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Don’t get stuck.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’re outside of the tutorial tracks in Hot Wheels Unleashed, the game starts to throw some seriously nasty hazards at you. One of those hazards is a giant spider that shoots webs at you and plants them on the track to trip you up as you race by. However, you can avoid these using a bit of skill. This guide explains how to avoid those spider webs and ensure you’re faster than the competition.

How to avoid spider webs

Spider webs are generated by a giant spider on the track. You’ll race underneath the spider and see it spit a spider web at you as you pass. You may also see some glowing blobs on the track beneath the spider. These are spider webs that have been planted and will cause you to stall if you drive into them.

To avoid being hit by spider webs, watch for where the spider is shooting. You can quickly change direction to avoid being hit by a spider web if you’re quick enough. As for the spider webs on the track, there should always be a gap somewhere in the blobs. This gap is left by other cars getting caught.

Look for the gap in the webs on the track as you approach the spider. Then, aim your car through the opening to avoid hitting any planted spider webs. When it comes to the webs the spider spits, you’ll have to act quickly if one is shot your way. If you’re in a car which a high speed, you should be able to get past the spider without being hit, though.