How to beat Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise – all attacks, weaknesses, tactics, and drops

The feathered menace.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Aknosom is one of the many huge creatures you will be hunting down and killing in Monster Hunter. This enormous bird is a strong threat in the early game, but won’t be too much trouble for veteran hunters out there.

In this guide, we will run through everything you need to know about Aknosom, and how to deal with the feathered menace.

All Aknosom Attacks

  • Beak Slam – we don’t know what else to call this, Aknosom will smash his beak into the ground, doing a small area of effect damage.
  • Fire Breath – the bird will breathe fire that remains for up to five seconds and will go in three different directions.
  • Charge – Aknosom will charge forward, slamming its big body into anything in its path. If you manage to dodge this, Aknosom will be exposed to easy attacks for a short duration.
  • Wing Strike – the bird will lash out on both sides with its wings.
  • Scream – Aknosom will let out a piercing scream, damaging and staggering anyone that is too close.

Aknosom weaknesses

Aknosom is weak to Blunt damage to its head, but is disturbing resilient to most elements types. The head, wings, and crest provide the best targets, taking the most damage from just about every damage type.

It is also largely resilient to most ailments, but will be more affected by blast and waterblight than the rest.

Tactics to beat Aknosom

It might sound simple, but smash it with a hammer. The extra blunt damage to the head, wings, or crest will go a long way towards removing this giant bird from the world. If you keep a close eye on its legs and crest, you will notice that it also telegraphs attacks. When it spread its crest, it is about to breathe fire, while raising a leg means a swipe or charge attack is coming your way.

It can be a good idea to stock up on Nulberries to deal with the fire breath or at least learn to roll quickly to put out any flames.

Aknosom drops

  • Aknosom Scale – best chance is by breaking parts
  • Aknosom Feather – best chance is by breaking parts
  • Aknosmon Beak – best chance is by breaking the beak
  • Flame Sac – target reward or capture reward
  • Monster Bone M – target reward
  • Aknosom Crest – best chance is by breaking the crest
  • Wyvern Tear – drop material