How to beat Mega Pidgeot in Pokémon Go – Weaknesses, counters, strategy

Another Mega Raid has arrived.

Pokemon GO

Mega Pokémon are here to stay, and a brand new one you can battle in Pokémon Go is Mega Pidgeot. It’s the final evolution for Pidgey. If you defeat Pidgeot enough times to gain its Mega Energy, you can evolve your Pidgeot into its Mega Evolution. It’s another good Pokémon to have in your roster, especially for those looking to expand their roster of Mega Pokémon.

Mega Pidgeot Weaknesses

Mega Pidgeot is a Normal and Flying-type Pokémon. It’s weak to Rock, Electric, and Ice-type attacks. You primarily want to use a Rock-type Pokémon against it to endure its stronger Flying and Normal-type attacks.

Pokémon to counter Mega Pidgeot

The best Pokémon to use against Mega Pidgeot include Magnezone, Rhyperior, and Golem (Alola).

Magnezone is a Steel and Electric-type Pokémon. It’s an excellent choice to use against Mega Pidgeot with it being a Steel-type, making it incredibly challenging to take a lot of damage. It won’t be resistant to every attack during the raid, and it won’t last forever. Still, it can withstand plenty of punishment before you need to use a new Pokémon. It has a maximum CP of 3,205, an attack of 238, a defense of 205, and stamina of 172. The best moves for it to know include charge beam and wild charge.

The next Pokémon you want to use is Rhyperior, and it’s a Ground and Rock-type. Like Magnezone, Rhyperior is resistant to many of Mega Pidgeot’s attacks, meaning it can withstand plenty of damage. With it being a Rock-type, it can harm Pidgeot pretty well and use several super effective attacks. It has a maximum CP of 3,733, an attack of 241, a defense of 190, and stamina of 251. The best moves include smack down and rock wrecker. Unfortunately, rock wrecker is a legacy move, so you want to use stone edge instead.

Another optimal Pokémon to use against Mega Pidgeot is the Alola version of Golem because it’s a Rock and Electric-type. The mixture of these two types is beneficial. The traditional Rock-type Golem is good against Pidgeot, but being able to use various Electric-type attacks is exceptionally helpful, giving you a range of moves to use in the raid. A Golem has a maximum CP of 2,949, an attack of 211, a defense of 198, and stamina of 190. The best moves it can use during the raid are rock throw and wild charge.

These are not the only Pokémon you can use. You can also make use of Raikou, Galarian Darmanitan, Zekrom, Zapdos, Rampardos, Electivire, Mewtwo, Jolteon, Gigalith, Tyranitar, and Mamoswine.

After you defeat Pidgeot, you gain Mega Energy for that Pokémon based on fast you beat it. You also can capture a Pidgeot at the end of the raid, and it can be a shiny version.