How to beat Scrap Knight in Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Time to take out the trash.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon features all the knights from the original game, along with a pair of newcomers. Combatants Prism Knight and Scrap Knight are new, but they’re anything but amateurs. Scrap Knight has a chance to appear in the Chromatic Caverns once you’ve cleared the stage, and there’s no real precedent for her tricky attack patterns. Here’s what to expect.

First off, it’s important to note that this fight works differently from others, in that Scrap Knight doesn’t attack you directly. Instead, the grid just fills with traps, objects, and enemies at a pretty fast pace. There’s a lot to juggle while you stay on top of Scrap Knight, attacking her whenever she takes a break from pogo-jumping around the arena.

The most common traps you’ll see are buzz saws, which cross the screen horizontally. Avoid those paths to prevent any slicing damage. Meanwhile, a series of spikes will slowly descend from the top corners of the grid. These are easy to avoid, but note that they will narrow the field by two squares once fully descended. This happens more than once, so be prepared to have less room overall as the fight goes on.

Meanwhile, plenty of blocks, including bomb blocks, will trickle in. The only way to clear the special bomb blocks is with a blast from a Ratsploder, so be sure to give those a poke when they get close enough. Blue Beetos and Hoppicles will join the fight as well. Clear them out when you can — this grid gets crowded fast.

Mind all the tricks and traps, put pressure on Scrap Knight as often as you can, and you’ll come out on top. This is a tough fight to juggle, but winning it unlocks Scrap Knight as a playable character. Her perk allows her to stuff anything from an adjacent square in her bag. She can only hold one thing at a time, but it can be a rock that was in the way, a potion for later, or even an enemy that you just don’t want to deal with. There’s a lot of strategy in what you pick up and when you pull it back out.