How to beat the Crystal Isles boss in Ark: Survival Evolved

Not the nicest boss you’ll fight.

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The Crystal Isles map is known for being beautiful as well as filled with plenty of resources in Ark: Survival Evolved. This map has everything players could want; special Wyvern tames, great biomes, and a ton of places to build. It’s the only map that has all of the Artifacts that you’ll need, including those from Scorched Earth and Aberration. It also has a unique Boss battle, the Crystal Wyvern Queen. This guide will explain how to beat the Crystal Isles boss in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What you’ll need to fight the Crystal Isles boss in Ark: Survival Evolved

As with all Boss-type encounters, players will need to collect a certain amount of items called Tribute. Tribute and Artifacts are placed in a Boss-terminal, which are generally under the giant Obelisks in the sky, to summon the desired level of Arena. These are all the items, player restrictions, and Artifacts you’ll need:

Player Level5575100
Primal Crystal102030
Crystal Talon51015
Alpha Crystal Talon135
Artifact of the Massive1
Artifact of the Devious1
Artifact of the Skylord1
Artifact of the Immune1
Artifact of the Brute1
Artifact of the Depths1
Artifact of the Hunter1
Artifact of the Clever1
Artifact of the Devourer1
Artifact of the Strong1
Artifact of the Cunning1
Artifact of the Pack1
Artifact of the Shadows1
Artifact of the Stalker1
Artifact of the Lost1
Artifact of the Gatekeeper1
Artifact of the Crag1
Artifact of the Destroyer1

Players will also need to bring in tames and their own equipment to the fight. The Crystal Wyvern Queen can be deadly to anyone not fully prepared for the battle ahead, so it’s best to be over-prepared than under-prepared. These are the recommended items and tames to take with them:

  • 13x Tek Rexes with at least 100 Armor Saddles: You should be aiming to have a very decently bred out Tek Rex line for your boss fights. Tek Rexes have higher base levels, with the wild cap at 180, meaning better potential stats. You should be aiming for around 30k in their Health and around 1000% in Melee. 
  • 5x Deinonychus with at least 100 Armor Saddles: These guys will be your glass cannons, doing most of the damage thanks to their Bleeding effect. They don’t need to have a ton of Health, but around 6k should be good. Try to increase their Melee stat as high as possible.
  • 1x Yutyrannus with a 100 Armor Saddle: This will be your support unit. You will use your Yuty to rally your tames from a distance with its Courage ability. It will be the creature you will ride on as well.
  • Optionally a Daeodon: You can bring the Daedon in with you if you’re looking to bring some survivability to the battle. Make sure it has plenty of Raw Meat in its inventory or a high Food stat so that it can output heals if needed.
  • Med Brews: As many as you can; around 200 is a good number.
  • Water and Food.

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How to defeat the Crystal Isles boss in Ark: Survival Evolved

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Once you’ve entered the Boss Arena, hop up onto your Yuty and immediately use the Whistle Follow All command. This will ensure that the creatures are tethered to your Yuty and not to you in case you need to hop off and run for any reason. Once you’ve done that, send them to attack the Crystal Wyvern Queen, ensuring they’re on Neutral. The Crystal Wyvern Queen will begin by launching a fireball at your team, drawing their aggression. 

Phase 1

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As your team runs to face the Crystal Wyvern Queen, your job on your Yuty is to buff them with your Courage roar. Consistently do this so that the yellow ring above their heads never runs out. This will boost their damage and lower the damage they take. Smaller Wyverns’ll likely pester you, but they will more likely be drawn to the main battle.

Phase 2

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The Crystal Wyvern Queen will take off when her Health drops to a certain level. This can be very annoying because she’s basically impossible to hit with your tames. If you’re in a group, you can shoot at her in the sky, or you can head to the left side corner of the area. It looks like you’ll fall off, but there’s a solid barrier there. Whistle Passive on your team so that they don’t stagger around hopelessly and all group together in this corner. Once you’re together, Whilst Attack My Target or Neutral and begin buffing again. The Crystal Wyvern Queen will chase you to this corner, and thanks to the number of creatures you have, she will struggle to fly away. This is where you’ll be able to damage her until she lands again.

Phase 3

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The Crystal Wyvern Queen will choose her next nest, and there will be eggs that spawn on the ground. However, you should focus most of your attacks on her instead. The Crystal Wyvern Queen will fight you in the nest with her minions until her Health drops enough again for her to take off once again. 

Things to watch out for in the battle with the Crystal Isles Boss in Ark: Survival Evolved

Her blood-siphon attack can and will kill you very quickly. Try to stay back and let your creatures take the brunt of the damage for you. 

You can command your Daeodon to Passively Heal if you’re worried about the HP of the creatures in your battle. If one of your tames isn’t grouped up during the flight phase of the Queen, she won’t be drawn to your group. Try to keep everyone together as much as possible.

Your Deinonychus will more than likely die, but so long as they get off a ton of damage in the beginning, you shouldn’t have too much trouble winning the battle.