How to beat the Rust Dragger boss in Solar Ash

What could be more dangerous than a poison sea?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Mirrorsea is already a dangerous place in Solar Ash. You’ll need to be a speedy skater to survive the poisonous waters that fill the region. Then once you’ve cleared the anomalies, the Rust Dragger will awaken. It can be a tricky boss to take down, so here’s the winning strategy.

The most important thing to be aware of is actually not the boss itself. You see, the Rust Dragger patrols the entire upper level of the Mirrorsea, which means you need to be wary of all the enemies that move through the water — which is of course poisonous itself. Keep that in mind as you approach the big boss to grapple onto its dragging sword.

Once on board, it’s a matter of taking out the successive weak points until you can strike the Dragger’s core. You’ll need to do that three times in total, and the boss changes its tactics for each round. During round two, it will slam its fist into the ground. Look for the marked impact zone and avoid it, then grapple onto its hand. Be aware of the extra black goop on its body too: it’ll stop you in your tracks. For round three, the boss stabs its own sword into the ground. Look for the marked area again to steer clear, then grapple onto the sword to grind up to the white sections you can run along. Note that the goop will be very hot during this last round, and touching it means restarting the round after an instant death.

The Rust Dragger is very intimidating given its sheer size and massive weapon, but it can be toppled. Mind the baddies and poison waters, look for your opportunity to grapple onto its body, and you’ll come out on top.