How to beat the Snow Pilot Boss Race in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Take down the yeti.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Snow Pilot Boss Race will likely be your fourth in Hot Wheels Unleashed. It’s locked away in the top left-hand corner of the map, guarded by Secrets and challenging activities. The race itself is incredibly difficult, which is why we’ve put together this guide with a few tips to help you conquer it.

Stay away from the snow

Screenshot by Gamepur

The main gimmick with this race is snow that appears on the track around the end of the first lap. The yeti causes this to spawn all over the place, and it can play havoc with your laps. If you hit it, your steering will freeze up, and you’ll be unable to turn for a short while. This could throw you off the track if you’re not careful. Even if it slows you down, try to avoid the snow as much as possible. The consequences for hitting it are far worse than needing to catch up with a rival.

Only boost on long stretches

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The track on this Boss Race is tough without the snow to consider. There are multiple points where you’re racing without any barriers, and corners often threaten to throw you from the track too. So don’t make your life more difficult by boosting all the time. Instead, keep your boost to a minimum and only use it when you know you have a stretch of track that isn’t crazy ahead of you. The stretch just after corners is perfect for this.

Slow down around corners

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This Boss Race required much more slowing down around corners as opposed to drifting. While you can drift around some, the lack of barriers and increased dangers like snow made it almost impossible to do so. Instead, slow your car down as you approach a corner to ensure you get around it safely and without incident. Then, you can boost your way to victory in the stretch that follows it.