How To Beat The Sundered Monarch In Lords of the Fallen (Boss Guide)

Be swift, dodge timely, and avoid getting hit by rock or grabbed if you want to beat Sundered Monarch in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen -The Sundered Monarch Boss Fight

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Boss fights in souls-like games are the actual test of combat mastery – and Lords of the Fallen is no different. Triumph in these tough battles proves a player understands the overall mechanics and how to “get good”.

Lords of the Fallen features 33 bosses, including the story and optional challenges, and Sundered Monarch is the second-to-last last boss before you face Adyr, the Bereft Exile. The intimidating boss’ appearance, towering figure, and a huge rock in one hand are tools the Sundered Monarch has in his arsenal to defeat you. That is why knowing the attack patterns and the strategy to defeat him will benefit players the most.

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Sundered Monarch Boss Location

Sundered Monarch is located at the far end of Bramis Castle in Lords of the Fallen. To reach him, you first need to acquire the Royal Key leading you to the Bramis Castle’s upper chamber. After that, find one of the rooms connected with the red crystals, leading you to the boss battle arena in the game.

Sundered Monarch Attack Patterns

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The Sundered Monarch boss fight in Lords of the Fallen comes in two phases, and the intensity increases significantly in the latter part of the battle. The second phase begins after you damage the boss’s health to 50 to 55 percent. The boss roars, jumps in the air, radiates a fiery AoE aura, and comes down with a fist slam, turning the whole arena ground into fire. His eyes also start glowing with fire at this point in the fight.

Phase 1 Boss AttacksDescription
Rock SlamThe boss jumps and comes down with a giant rock attack.
Rock SwipeUses a giant rock to do a 180-degree swipe attack in one direction, then swings in the opposite direction and finally does a 360-degree rock swipe.
Double-Handed Rock SlamSundered Monarch lands a much larger AoE attack after grabbing the rock in both hands and jump-slamming it.
Rock Body SlamRises the rock high and comes down with a body slam attack, covering a very large area and dealing physical damage.
Grab AttackThe boss thrusts his left hand forward to catch you, then thrusts you to the rock and finally hammers down in a final crushing blow.
Phase 2 Boss AttacksDescription
Double-Handed Fiery Rock SlamThe boss grabs the rock in both hands and slams it down. The attack releases fire AoE, and blazing blades appear wherever the rock lands.
Rock Body SlamRises the rock high and comes down with a body slam attack, covering a very large area and dealing physical damage.
Sword CastingThe boss unleashes all burning blades on his back to the immediate area ahead of him. A new set of blades appears at him after the attack.
Fiery Rock SwipeThis is the same attack as the first phase, but this one deals with physical and fire damage.
Flammable AoE SwordsSundered Monarch lies to the ground and launches all fiery swords from his back to the immediate area around him, dealing fire and burn status effect.
Fist SlamAfter slamming the fist, the boss covers the area around the player in fire, and burning blade projectiles rain down from the sky.

Best Strategy To Beat Sundered Monarch

Lords of the Fallen Sundered Monarch
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Sundered Monarch boss packs versatile movesets that will surprise ranged and melee class players in Lords of the Fallen. A mix of both attack styles will benefit players, and heavily relying on ranged spells or close-quarter sword attacks will make the boss fight tough.

Most of the boss’s attacks related to the rock swipe and rock slamming have slow animation and are easily predictable. You cannot miss any of these attacks if you dodge at the right time. Land a two or three-hit combo after every dodge and then retreat to a safe space. Rinse and repeat this process throughout phase one of the boss.

If you are a mage class character in Lords of the Fallen and heavily rely on spell casting instead of melee weapons, always run around the boss and distance yourself. Cast spells, deal damage, and when the boss closes the gap, you space out even further and take advantage of the big boss fight arena.

Ensure you do not use many of your Briostones and Sanguinarix in the first phase. These healing items will be useful when the boss fight transitions into the second phase. The burning blades and fire AoE attacks can be unpredictable at times, especially when Sundered Monarch slams rock and burning blades appear immediately after it.

Infuse your melee weapons in Lords of the Fallen with Smite and Bleed Salts to deal maximum damage, as the boss is weak against these two status ailments. The shield is only good for blocking swipe attacks and not overhead ones. Do not try to hold your shield during heavy attacks; otherwise, you will get slammed.

Sundered Monarch Boss Fight Rewards

After defeating the boss, you will get the following rewards:

  • x1 Vestige Seed
  • x8 Umbral Scouring

Also, before moving onto the grand stairs, soulflay the stigma in the arena to get additional rewards:

  • x2 Umbral Scouring
  • Remembrance of the Sundered Monarch

That is everything you should know about the Sundered Monarch in Lords of the Fallen. If you have made this for, know that only Adyr remains to be slain before you achieve the Radiance ending in the game.