How to become a settlement overseer in No Man’s Sky

Become the leader of a space town.


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No Man’s Sky’s Frontiers update adds a lot to the game, including settlements. These are huge space towns you can find on worlds around the galaxy, and you can even become the overseer of one. This guide explains how you become a settlement overseer.

How to become a settlement overseer

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Once you’ve found a settlement that you like the look of, you’ll need to talk to the locals. You’ll probably find that they’re extremely unhappy with the quality of the town and the fact that their current overseer is either dead or missing. Thankfully, this leaves the spot open for you to take.

While it might not happen every time you enter a settlement, we found that we had to fight off a group of Sentinels before we could become overseer. This group can vary in size and strength. However, once you’ve destroyed the Sentinels, you’ll be able to visit the settlement’s central hub and apply to become the overseer. Before you accept, you’ll be shown a glimpse of the settlement’s stats, including how much it costs to maintain and the happiness of the settlers. Once you accept the overseer position, you’ll be the overseer of your very own settlement.

Screenshot by Gamepur