How to become an Emissary to the trading companies in Sea of Thieves

Who do you wish to represent?

For those who have gained enough reputation with any of the trading companies in Sea of Thieves, you now have the option to become their Emissary. When you’re an Emissary for any of the trading companies, you go out of your way to represent them by performing missions, tasks, and completing voyages they send you out on during your time in the game.

To become an Emissary, you need to meet different requirements of the unique trading companies. The Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance all require you to increase your reputation with them to at least level 15 before you can become an Emissary. You can increase your reputation by handing in treasure, loot, and specific voyages for them. You can acquire these voyages by visiting them at various ports.

For those who wish to become an Emissary for The Reaper’s Bones, you can visit any of the stalls they have littered on the traditional outposts. They don’t have anyone stationed there, and you don’t need to have a reputation level with them to get started. You will know you arrived at their stall by the hanging skeleton in a cage above their station that’s thrashing around, attempting to get to you.

After you reach level 15 with your desired faction and want to become their Emissary, you need to purchase their flag for your ship. You can buy the flag by speaking to a representative of the company, promoting yourself three times until you can buy their flag for 20,000 gold coins. After that, buy the flag you wish to represent from the representative’s inventory, and then go to the stall in front of the faction’s stall to vote to represent your crew as the faction’s Emissary. Once everyone agrees you will be an Emissary for the remainder of your voyage.

Becoming an Emissary of a faction means you can gain additional activities and reputation with them. The more loot and voyages you do on their behalf, the more exclusive rewards you can receive, thereby increasing your Emissary Grade with them.