How to become invincible in Grounded

Never Take Damage Again.

Sometimes, glitches can be fun or even quite annoying— but then you come across that one special glitch that can make you see a new perspective in a game.

We believe to have found one of those glitches in Microsoft’s latest game Grounded, which, when done correctly, will allow you to become Invincible (to a certain degree) for an extended period of time.

But how exactly does it work? And what do you need to do?

  1. Craft yourself a full set of Acorn Armour and wear it straight away.
  2. Find a small pool of Enemies that will attack you until you are on your last slithers of health
  3. Kill said enemies and DO NOT HEAL
  4. Take off or Toss the Acorn Armour set to leave you with no Armour at all.
  5. You should now be invincible!

Should you do these steps correctly, you will find you will be completely Invincible from any type of damage but at a catch.

When you save the game and try to load it while in this state in the future, the game will also make you choose a brand new character and anything that was in your inventory will disappear, so be sure to save before hand and use this trick on another save file!

The glitch will only work so long as you don’t heal with a bandage or go to sleep at night. This also includes healing through hunger so try not to eat to full!