How to begin the Bloody Whiskers DLC for Tails of Iron

Long live the king.

Image via United Label Games

The free Bloody Whiskers expansion for Tails of Iron is all about fighting for your life. Never mind the fact that you’re now king of the rat kingdom and saved it from the frog menace. Now, you must fight to prove your worth. You’ll head back to the tournament grounds to face even more challenging foes, but before you can get started, you’ll have to complete a few things. Here’s how to begin Bloody Whiskers.

Starting Bloody Whiskers

First of all, you will need to complete the original game before you can jump into the DLC. If you’re just starting out, it should take you around seven to eight hours to finish. Once you’ve completed the main story, follow the steps below to start Bloody Whiskers.

  • Defeat Greenwart
  • Head back to the castle
  • Exit the castle and speak to the rat near the notice board
  • They’ll tell you a tournament is being hosted and you should head to the tournament site
  • Read the job board outside the tournament grounds
  • Grab the following quests:
    • Fight Captain Black Tail
    • Fight Grey Ears of White Whiskers

There is much more to Bloody Whiskers than fighting in front of a cheering crowd, however. You’ll get to explore a secret part of the castle and uncover much more about the previous king and what they’ve kept hidden away.