How to breed Axolotls in Minecraft

Create an Axolotl army by breeding them.

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Minecraft Axolotls are one of the most adorable creatures in Minecraft, animals that players turn into many crafts, tee-shirts, and even make mods for other games of the famous Minecraft axolotls. If you are playing in survival, and you are lucky enough to find some, you will be able to breed them to create even more. With that being said, don’t expect breeding them to be as easy as breeding other farm animals like cows or pigs, it requires a bit more than that. This guide will teach you how to breed Minecraft Axolotls.

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Breeding Axolotl

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Axolotls love Tropical Fish. You will be able to lure in axolotls by using a Bucket of Tropical Fish, from here you can feed one bucket to each of the soon-to-be parent Axolotls and they will be bred to create a baby Axolotl. With now having a new baby Axolotl, you will also get some experience points ranging from 1 and 7 points. Not to mention they make adorable sounds when you swim around them in water.

Axolotls also come in five different colors: pink, brown, gold, cyan and blue. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to mix colors like you can with Sheep in Minecraft. However, the single exception to this rule is if you get a rare blue Axolotl, which is a mutation that can come from any Axolotl at a 1/1200 chance.

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The adult Axolotls can be bed every 5 minutes and it takes baby Axolotls 20 minutes to grow into full adults, but this can be reduced by 10% with every bucket of tropical fish you feed them. Feeding them 10 buckets in a row will fully grow them into an adult without any wait.