How to make a Jukebox in Minecraft

Jam to Minecraft tunes whenever you wish!

Putting a Music Disc into a Jukebox in Minecraft

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Minecraft features some of the most iconic OSTs in all of gaming history, and you can enjoy these soundtracks in-game using a functional block known as the jukebox. Much like real-life jukeboxes found in pubs or restaurants, the Minecraft variation can play your favorite ambient or melodic tunes using Music Discs. These Music Discs can be discovered in a variety of structure treasure chests, such as loot chests in a woodland mansion or a bastion remnant. Unlike job site blocks found in villages, jukeboxes do not naturally generate in a world, meaning that you must gather the necessary resources to craft one. 

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Crafting a Jukebox in Minecraft

Finding Diamond to Craft a Jukebox in Minecraft
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To make a jukebox in Minecraft, you need to combine two types of materials at a crafting table: a single diamond surrounded by eight wooden planks. Since a 3×3 crafting grid is essential, you cannot craft this music-playing block from your inventory window. The wooden planks used can be from any type of wood in Minecraft. For instance, we placed a diamond at the center of mangrove, acacia, and warped planks to create a jukebox. You can find trees and wood in almost every overworld biome, so there is no challenge in procuring the first required crafting material. 

On the other hand, finding diamonds in Minecraft has been the bane of many explorers over the years. Despite knowing the exact elevations to search, searching for these precious stones has always been challenging. As of version 1.19, diamonds typically start to spawn below Y: 14 and can be found most plenteous around Y: -59 to Y: -63. In our case, we strip-mined for about nine minutes before finally encountering a small cave at Y: -47 with a diamond block. 

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Because you only need a single diamond to make a jukebox in Minecraft, you do not need to stress over finding multiple blocks. Nonetheless, we highly recommend drinking a potion of night vision while mining; diamond blocks can be easy to miss in the dark.