How to breed Cats in Minecraft

Everyone loves kittens.

Image via Mojang

If you are a cat lover, you are no doubt going to want to get as many of the little felines on your side as possible in Minecraft. These furry creatures are great for keeping Creepers and Phantoms away, and will occasionally reward you with a random gift showing that they do respect you. If you have some Cats tamed already, here is how you can breed more and become the crazy cat person you always wanted to become.

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Breeding Cats in Minecraft

Breeding Cats in Minecraft is very similar to taming them. All you need is to feed them either Raw Cod or Raw Salmon. When you have two tamed Cats in the same vicinity as each other, have them stand up and feed them the fish until they have hearts appear over them. If they don’t get any, it means they are low on health, and the fish healed them. When they are at full health, they will go into breeding mode.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Now that they have hearts floating above them, have them walk towards each other and a baby Kitten will spawn. They will always take the color scheme of one of the parents. They will automatically be tamed to you, so you don’t need to feed them any additional fish to have them follow you. If you want to accelerate their growth though, you can feed them fish that will have green sparkles come from them, letting you know they are closer to being an adult.