How to tame Cats in Minecraft

Furry companions incoming.

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Cats may not be as welcoming as dogs, but plenty of people still enjoy having these furry companions to come home to. In Minecraft, you can interact with them and let them roam your house freely, doing whatever they want. If you want to get a cat or two to follow you home, here is how to tame Cats in Minecraft.

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Taming Cats in Minecraft

To tame a Cat in Minecraft, you will need to them in Villages or near a Witch’s Hut in a swamp. Keep in mind that Cats are now their own mob, independent of Ocelots, which can not be tamed, so don’t waste your time in jungle biomes.

Getting a Cat to recognize you as its owner is similar to taming Wolves, but instead of Bones, we need to use Raw Fish. Raw Cod or Raw Salmon will work, but Tropical Fish and Pufferfish will not. Walk up to them with the fish in your hand, and they will follow you like other mobs follow their favorite foods. Interact with them, and you will see smoke appear above them when it fails. When it works, they will put on a collar, sit down, and have hearts appear above them.

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Now that the Cat is your pet, it will not despawn in the open world and can follow you around. If you have it follow you while you go to sleep, there is a chance they will drop a gift for you in the morning like String, a Rabbit Foot, or a Feather. They like to attack baby Chickens, Turtles, and Rabbits, so keep that in mind if you have those around.

Additionally, now that you have a Cat, Creepers and Phantoms will go out of their way to avoid the little feline, so you may want to have them sit in defensive positions around your home. If you have multiple cats, you can also try to breed them.