How to build a house and bed in Grounded

It’s not bricks, but it’ll do.

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You need a place to rest your head without worrying about the horrors of the outside world in Grounded. A great way to protect yourself from the giant bugs hanging around outside is to create a house and a bed for yourself. To do this, you will need to gather plenty of grass stalks, woven fibers, and other smaller resources to create a good home to come back to the end of each day in your oversized backyard.

The basics of constructing a home include building grass or weed walls. The grass is much easier to find in Grounded, but you can use weeds when you find more dandelions. When you have the number of grass planks gathered up, start constructing grass walls around a location you want to call home. Make sure to place a door down so can you freely leave your home, which does require weed stalks. After that, you can start working on the roof, which uses weed stems and clover leaves.

Here’s a variety of resources you’ll likely be building to make a home:

  • Wall: Four grass planks
  • Windowed wall: One weed stem, and three grass planks
  • Door: One weed step, three grass planks, one sprig, and two woven fiber.
  • Sturdy door: Three weed stems, four wove fiber, and two sprigs
  • Stem wall: Three weed stem
  • Windowed stem wall: Two weed stem
  • Scaffold: Two weed stem
  • Triangle scaffold: One weed stem
  • Roof: One weed stem, four clover leaves
  • Roof corner: One weed stem, four clover leaves
  • Roof Interior corner: One weed stem, four clover leaves

After you’ve decked out your house at the dimensions you feel comfortable with, you can place down a lean-to, which serves as your bed. It requires three clover leaves, and two sprigs to create. This is where you will sleep and respawn if you die in the game. It’s not exactly a bed, but it’s a good home. Make sure to remove any of the grass stalk roots in your house to place a floor down.