How to build the Minotaur Bore in No Man’s Sky

Manipulate the terrain from the comfort of you giant mech.


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The Minotaur is a versatile Exocraft in No Man’s Sky that can be extremely useful to those that are establishing a base or settlement on a hazardous planet. However, the mech is useless without upgrades. This guide explains how to give the Minotaur a Terrain Manipulator by installing the Minotaur Bore upgrade.

How to build the Minotaur Bore upgrade

To build the Minotaur Bore upgrade, you first need to acquire it. You can do this by discovering it through organic exploration on worlds around the galaxy, purchasing it from a vendor in a space station or The Anomaly, or getting it as a reward for a Milestone in an Expedition.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you own the upgrade, you can install it in the Exocraft. However, you’ll need to fit it with three specific resources before you can use it. You’ll need 100 Silicate Powder, 40 Cobalt, and one Wiring Loom. You can buy Wiring Loom from a Galactic Trade Terminal or space station. Cobalt can be found on planets in certain rocks, usually in caves. You’ll have to mine them to get the Cobalt out.

Silicate Powder is the easiest of these resources to find. You’ll collect it while using your own Terrain Manipulator on any planet. This is the main resource you collect while using the Terrain Manipulator, so you should have a decent supply. As soon as all of these resources are installed in the upgrade, you can start stomping around in the Minotaur and carving out paths for yourself through mountains.