How to buy a garage in GTA Online

You’ll never need to steal another car… but you still can if you want.

Image via Rockstar

Whether you’re a veteran in Grand Theft Auto Online or you’re just getting your feet wet after hearing about the Cayo Perico expansion, you’ll eventually want a garage to hold all your vehicles. There are several ways to purchase a garage, and they all typically come as part of an addition to another building. Let’s check them out below.

Buy a house

Just like real life, you can browse real estate listings to determine what size garage comes with the property. On your in-game phone, open the Internet menu and choose the Dynasty 8 Real Estate icon. This will display all available properties for purchase in Los Santos.

As you browse the listings, you’ll see a small car icon with a number on the same line as the street address. This will tell you if the property has a garage included, and if so, how many cars you can hold inside. Typically, more expensive properties will include bigger garages, and as you accumulate more money, you can pick up more houses to increase your vehicle inventory.

Expand your office

When you purchase an office buildling, you will be offered a number of customization options, such as an office assistant, interior decorating, and a sleeping quarters. You can also choose to put in a parking garage, which has the potential to house many cars.

The garage can include three separate levels — the bottom level holds seven cars, and the second and third levels hold six cars each. If you decide to buy three garages, you could be looking at one spot for up to 60 of your vehicles. Should you become a genuine car enthusiast, you could buy multiple offices, and your vehicle number could shoot into the hundreds.

Buying the garage is an excellent investment for your automotive inventory, and the only added cost comes with a daily $50 fee for your garage mechanic. If you want, you can even add a mod shop to the garage, so you won’t have to drive to another location to customize your car.

Add to your penthouse

The Diamond Casino is the central location for the start of the Cayo Perico heist, but it’s also one other spot you can use to bolster your car count. While renovating or updating your penthouse, you can choose a garage as an add-on. This is easily the most expensive version of vehicle storage in the game, as it costs $900,000 and only gives you ten slots. With that said, it adds a huge layer of convenience for your travels if you plan on making the casino or your penthouse the starting point of your online sessions.