How to buy weapons in Sea of Thieves

A kitted arsenal is its own treasure.

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In Sea of Thieves, players can access weapons from four categories: Blunderbuss (shotgun), Cutlass (sword), Eye of Reach (Sniper Rifle), and Flintlock (pistol). Though all of the weapons within each weapon category function precisely the same, players can flaunt their wealth and personal style by using specific weapons they’ve either earned or purchased throughout their voyages. Here’s how you can buy new weapons in Sea of Thieves.

Finding a Weaponsmith

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Weapons can be purchased from Weaponsmiths at their shops. There is a Weaponsmith’s Shop located at each Outpost. You can identify a Weaponsmith’s Shop by the title card that pops up when you enter the store, or you can look outside for a target sign that indicates a Weaponsmith’s Shop, like the one depicted in the image above. Each shop is run by a specific NPC, all of whom are listed below:

WendySanctuary OutpostF-7
WondaGolden Sands OutpostD-10
WhitneyPlunder OutpostJ-18
WilmaAncient Spire OutpostQ-17
WillowGalleon’s Grave OutpostR-8
WinnieDagger Tooth OutpostM-8
WednesdayMorrow’s Peak OutpostV-17

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Buying Weapons

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Once you find a Weaponsmith’s Shop, hold Y to talk to the NPC and choose to browse their stock. You’ll now be able to navigate the store’s UI and select a weapon to buy from any weapon category. Some may be locked until you fulfill certain prerequisites, while others will cost varying amounts of Gold.

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Aside from purchasing weapons from Weaponsmith’s Shops, you can also get new weapons by ranking up in the Plunder Pass or buying them at the Pirate Emporium using Ancient Coins. Of note, Ancient Coins can only be obtained by ranking up in the Plunder Pass, killing Ancient Skeletons, or buying them for real-world money (as a microtransaction).

Equipping Weapons

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To equip your newly purchased weapon, head back to your ship and locate your Armoury, which looks like a wooden box on the wall with a crossed sword and gun on the front. Hold X to open it, use the Right Bumper to navigate to your new weapon’s category, and equip it from your list of available weapons. Press Y to cycle through the weapons you have equipped once you exit the Armoury.