How to Capture and Display Pets in Monster Hunter: World


There’s more to a hunter’s life than hunting big ugly monsters in Monster Hunter: World. Sometimes you need to take a break from that life and relax in your home. Of course, pets make every home better, and hunters are able to bring pets into your home in the game. Read on to find out how to get a hold of pets. Please be sure not to confuse the capture of pets with the capture of actual monsters. You’ll probably get eaten if you make that mistake.

How to Capture Pets

How to Capture and Display Pets in Monster Hunter: World
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Capturing pets in the various regions is quite simple. You’ll need to select your Capture Net from the radial dial and equip it. You’ll then notice a small box appear on your screen. Its corners will be white until you have a valid target in your sights. If you’re close enough, the corners will turn a dark yellow, at which point you pull the trigger, and your hunter will throw their net and capture the animal.

You can capture a wide variety of creatures, from toads to flying creatures, and even fish. In fact, some say that fishing with a net is easier than a fishing rod!

How to Display Pets

How to Capture and Display Pets in Monster Hunter: World
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In order to truly enjoy the pets you’ve captured, you’ll want to display them in your home in Astera. Talk to your Housekeeper and visit the pet menu. Depending on what accommodations you occupy, you’ll have multiple slots to place pets in. Different pets can only be displayed in certain areas of your home. For example, fish will only be available if your home has an aquarium.

How to Capture and Display Pets in Monster Hunter: World
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Once you’ve placed your pets, you’ll see them wonder around your home, providing an additional sense of comfort. You can even inspect your aquarium more closely and admire the variety of fish you’ve caught.

Personally, I quite enjoy the accommodation feature included in Monster Hunter: World. It adds a sense of customization to the game. Now, if only you could invite other players into your home to show off your pets, that would be amazing. Destiny 2 should take a page out of Capcom’s playbook. Who wouldn’t love Guardian apartments in the tower?

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