How to capture animals on Cambion Drift on Deimos in Warframe – Conservation and Son Tokens guide

Keep them safe.


Image via Digital Extremes

Just like Warframe’s other open world areas, you can engage in animal conservation on Cambion Drift on Deimos. This will become very important quite soon in getting to the area, as you will need Son Tokens to rank up with the Entrati Syndicate. You can earn Son Tokens by conserving animals, then trading the tags with Son at the Necralisk.

What you need to start animal conservation

One of the only types of animals you can conserve straight away are the Velocipods. These flying bugs roam the surface of Deimos, and you can shoot them with your Tranquilizer gun. Son doesn’t actually sell one, so if you need to get one you will have to visit The Business at Fortuna and purchase it for 500 Solaris Standing. To conserve a Velocipod, just shoot it with the Tranq Rifle, then interact with it have Son take it away.

Son Location

For all other animals on the Cambion Drift you will need to buy lures. It is only when you have an animal’s specific lures that the markers will appear on your map, showing you where to go to start a conservation mission. You can buy those from Son, and you can see his position in the Necralisk marked on the map above.

The first lure you will be able to buy is the Cryptilex Lure, and you will need to earn some Standing with the Entrati to get it. It will cost you 500 Standing to get this lure. You can also purchase Phermone Gland, and can use this to increase the rarity of the animal that might appear when you use the lure. You need to use it just before using the lure for it to work, and it costs 150 Standing for one of them.

How to capture an animal

The easiest way to get a perfect animal capture is to use a Warframe that has some stealth capability. Ivara is the best choice, but if you don’t have her, you will want to use a Loki or an Ash. Make sure you mod them for Duration, to stay invisible for as long as possible.

All you need to do is track the animal by finding its droppings. To do this, you need to have your Tranq Rifle equipped; then the various dropping locations will populate on the map, but only for animals types that you own a Lure for. They will appear on the map as a small blue icon.

Track Animal

Go to one of them, and interact with it. Follow the tracks until you find the animal nest, and then take out the Echo Lure for that animal. Use the lure to attract the animal, and when it has been successful make sure you instantly go invisible to stop the animal from seeing you, and potential ruining the capture.

Now, watch the minimap as the animal will show up on it. When it does, move towards it slowly and use the Tranq Rifle to put it to sleep, then interact with it to have the floating robot come in and take it away. 

Son Tokens

Each animal you capture will earn you a Tag, and Son will trade you a set number of these tags from different creatures for Tokens. Digital Extremes removed the required of Son Tokens to rank up from the first level of the Endrati Syndicate, so you no longer need them for that. As such, you should have less of a pressing need to get these. Just use Mother Tokens to earn Standing, give those to Grandmother, then return to Mother and sacrifice the items she is looking for to increase your Rank.

Doing so will get you access to more Echo Lures from Son, allowing you to hunt a wider variety of animals and get more tags. This will make getting Son Tokens much easier for when you do eventually need them.