How to gain Standing with the Entrati Syndicate in Warframe

It’s not how you think.


Image via Digital Extremes

The Entrati are a Syndicate in Warframe that can be found on Deimos. You can meet all the Entrati family members in the Necralisk. You earn standing a little differently with the Entrati than with the other Syndicates, so in this guide we will run through how to start doing it.

Grandmother Location

To gain Standing with the Entrati, you will need to talk to Grandmother. She will accept various Tokens that you can earn from other members in exchange for Standing. All of the members can be found in the Necralisk and will have different tasks that you can do to earn resources that they will accept in exchange for Tokens.

You can earn the following tokens by taking part in activities on Deimos.

  • Otak Tokens – exchange gems and alloys obtained through mining for these tokens – 100 Standing
  • Mother Tokens – completing bounties for Mother – 100 Standing (this is by far the best Token to spend on upping your Standing)
  • Father Tokens – can be earned by trading assorted resources found on Cambion Drift to Father under the Parts Requisition option when you speak with him – 100 Standing
  • Daughter Tokens – can be earned through fishing on Cambion Drift – 100 Standing
  • Son Tokens – these can be earned by conserving animals on Cambion Drift – 500 Standing
  • Grandmother Tokens – you can trade Grandmother a selection of lesser tokens for a Grandmother Token, worth 1500 Standing.

The Mother Tokens are probably the best way to earn pure Standing. You can earn a lot of them for finishing bounties, while the other Tokens are more difficult to get, and should be saved for when you want to rank up with the Entrati Syndicate.

Each time you rank up requires a sacrifice of a certain amount of Tokens and resources, and with things like the Son Tokens being quite difficult to get, you will want to save them for sacrificing, at least until you hit Rank 3 to get the Helminth System from him.

If you interact with Grandmother, you will have an option to “Trade Tokens for Entrati Standing,” and can then trade in tokens to the value of your daily standing cap.

Ranks and Requirements


The starting rank for all Syndicates in the game.


  • 5000 Standing
  • 3 Spinal Core Section


  • 22000 Standing
  • 1 Daughter Token
  • 1 Father Token
  • 1 Keratinos Gautlet Blueprint
  • 1 Keratinos Blade Blueprint



  • 70000 Standing
  • 1 Zarim Mutagen
  • 1 Arioli Mutagen
  • 1 Father Token
  • 1 Son Token


  • 99000 Standing
  • 1 Seriglass Shard
  • 1 Mother Token
  • 1 Father Token