How to capture resource buildings in Disciples: Liberation

Resources are used for upgrading buildings around Yllian and enhancing your units.


Image via Frima Studio

After venturing out into the world, you are bound to come across resources scattered about that you can use to upgrade the buildings of Yllian. These resources are iron, wood, arcane flux, divine essence, primal essence, unholy essence, and gold. These materials are not only used to upgrade your buildings but to upgrade your units as well.

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You will find a lot of resources around the world during your travels. When these appear, you can pick them up and continue on your way. However, if you want more resources, you will want to do a little more than search for them.

Once you reach, enter your first local that isn’t a messy sewer system, you will be introduced to the idea of capturing resource gathering building. When you walk up to one of these buildings and select it, it will have a red aura around it, signaling that it is not under your control.

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Select the building, and it will show the enemies you must fight to capture it for yourself. Initiate the battle and defeat the enemies to gain control over the resources.

Resource buildings are different than gathering resources in the wild. These buildings give you resources over time and are extremely valuable. The number of resources the building will give you per hour is determined by what level the building is. The level of the building also determines how hard the fight to capture it will be.

If you come across a building that is not worth fighting over, the game gives you the option to conquer it. Conquering a resource building means that you automatically gain control over it without needing to fight. You will still gain all the rewards that you would have if you had actually done the battle.