Family Reunion, Sort Of quest guide – Disciples: Liberation

Feed Ejamar some souls so he can gain power.

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Two years have passed since the fight at Veranto’or, but the objective is still the same. You must try to liberate the lands. You now have three new areas to go. One of which is Wotan’s Grave. Travel to Wotan’s Grave and new NPCs will greet you.

When you spawn in Wotan’s Grave, take the road to the north and follow it to the right up the hill. Keep following the path to the right, and you will spot a portal. Continue traveling down the right path, and you will come across an NPC by the name of Hubert.

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It turns out that Hubert is Ejamar’s progeny, and you need to defeat him so that Ejamar may eat consume Hubert’s soul. Afterward, you will be told that you need to find three more of Ejamar’s offspring so that he may devour their souls as well. All in the name of power.

Head north up the hill and make a left toward the area you came from. On the hill, you will spot a zombie next to a lumber mill.

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The second progeny on the list is through the portal you passed on your way to Hubert. Head over to the portal, and you will find the progeny waiting on the other side.

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After defeating the second progeny, head north of the portal, stay on the road, and you will come across the final progeny standing next to an arcane flux generator.

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Once you have defeated the final progeny, the quest will be completed, and you will receive Ejamar’s Soulstaff.