Let Them Eat Mana quest guide – Disciples: Liberation

Sacrifice elves for a good cause.

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Long after the death of Veran, you awake to find that the world has changed. You must now travel to a few new areas to help liberate the people of Nevendaar. You set foot on Wotan’s Grave, a mountainous area where the great Wotan’s body lay defeated.

From where you spawn, head north and head up the hill to your right by where Cyr’iel is. When you come across a fork in the path, make a left. Now head north when the path splits again. You will find a depleted Mana Fountain. An odd sight. What’s odder is that a figure appears from the shadows. This is Trijimat, a second-woken who has discovered a spell to make the Mana Fountain flow eternally.

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You learn from Trijimat that the process involves a sacrifice. Time to find the elven encampment nearby. Head south from the Mana Fountain and take the path to the west. You will find Ty’Samwite by a lumber mill.

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You approach and notice that necromancers have come to sacrifice the elves. You now have a few choices. You can either help the necromancers, do nothing, or help the elves.

If you choose to help the necromancers, you will fight the elves. Afterward, you must return to the Mana Fountain. Sacrifices will be made and you will choose whether to sacrifice Trijimat or command her to stop.

If you choose to do nothing, all of the necromancers and elves will die. This will result in you increasing your reputation with the elves and decreasing your reputation with the undead. If you choose to fight with the elves, your reputation with the undead will decrease and your reputation with the elves will increase.