How to carry over content from your alpha/beta account to your launch account in Spellbreak

Creating a new account is not as scary as it seems.

Level 1 with alpha goods

While all players on Xbox and Nintendo Switch are picking up Spellbreak for the first time, many PC and Playstation 4 users are returning from the closed alpha and beta. If you are a returning user being prompted to either Log in or make a new account, here’s what you need to know.

Do not attempt to ‘log in’ or ‘reset password.’

log in screen
Screengrab via Proletariat

The account you are being asked to make is not a new file, but a new type of account entirely. You want to create a new account. This account will give you a unique ID for cross-progression and crossplay now that the game is available on more platforms.

You must be on your platform that you had the prior unlocks in

If you already made an account on a different platform, don’t panic. You can just log in on the correct platform after, and everything will update after, but you cannot grab prior unlocks from a different platform only.

Outfits, Badges, Titles

These are all of the major things that will carry over from the alpha/beta phase. The titles you can have are Pre-Alpha Tester and Alpha Tester, depending on when you joined, and there is a slew of badges you may have. You will also have all the outfits from the founder’s pack or any other packs you bought into.

Clean slate

The thing that does not carry over is your level. Everyone is reset to Level 1, and any unlocks that you received through the act of leveling up will be gone. There is no way to change this, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to get those things back.

Friends List

Your friends list will also be reset, as with crossplay, it can’t be integrated into your Epic or PS list anymore. But with the new ID system, it’s easy to add a friend again.

Add Friend
Screengrab via Proletariat

Overall, don’t let not being able to get into an account for Spellbreak scare you. The content aside from your level and leveled items are there, and making a new account just means getting a crossplay ID for your existing account.