How to catch a Wimpod in Pokémon Go

Catch enough of them to evolve it into Golisopod.

Image via Niantic

Wimpod is a Bug and Water-type Pokémon, and it is one that you can find in Pokémon Go. It will debut during the Pokémon TCG Crossover event, and you will have the chance to evolve it into Golisopod, which is also a Bug and Water-type. You will need to catch multiple Wimpod to evolve it, and you can find them in several locations in Pokémon Go. Here’s what you need to know about how you can catch Wimpod in Pokémon Go.

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Where to find Wimpod

Wimpod will primarily appear in the wild, in raid battles, and as Field Research task rewards. The best way to reliably find it will be in the wild, meaning you will want to walk around your area with incense on your character to increase the chances of finding Pokémon on your path. Alternatively, when you need a break, placing a lure module down on a PokéStop will bring it to you, although you can use a Mossy or Rainy Lure to increase the chances of Bug-type Pokémon appearing.

There is also the option to find it in one-star raid battles. You might want to go down this route if you primarily play Pokémon Go by yourself and need to knock out raid battles for any Special Research projects. These should not be difficult encounters and guarantee a chance to catch one.

The last way for you to catch Wimpod is through Field Research tasks. You want to look for the one where you need to spin 5 PokéStops or Gyms. This one guarantees a Wimpod encounter.

The Pokémon TCG Crossover event ends on June 30, and Wimpod will have a good chance to appear during this event. We recommend pursuing it before the end of June to ensure you can add this Pokémon and Golisopod to your collection.