How to catch all Plentifins in Sea of Thieves

Everything you need to know to catch all five Plentifins.

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Plentifins are one of the four Regional fish species in Sea of Thieves, meaning they can only be found in one of the four Regions of the map. To find Plentifins, you’ll have to fish within the boundaries of The Shores of Plenty, which is located in the northwest portion of the map. If you want to sell your fish to The Hunter’s Call as soon as possible, we recommend fishing at one of the two Seaposts in The Shores of Plenty: The Spoils of Plenty Store (coordinates B-7) or The North Star Seapost (coordinates H-10). Plentifins sell for more than Islehoppers, Pondies, and Splashtails, but less than Wreckers, Battlegills, and Stormfish.

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Before setting sail, make sure to dig up some Earthworms or find some in Barrels, as you’ll need them for bait. As long as you’re not within an island’s title card, the pool of fish you can catch will be limited to Splashtails and Plentifins. Remember, chances to catch certain fish are randomized in Sea of Thieves, so fish with a larger crew for better odds.

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Olive Plentifin

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The Olive Plentifin is the Base variant of Plentifin, so they’re very easy to find if you’re fishing in The Shores with Earthworms. As you can see from the image above, Plentifins in Sea of Thieves are modeled after real-life Angelfish, so their distinct shape sets them apart from Splashtails. It’s possible you could confuse the lime and dark-green Olive with a Seafoam Splashtail at night, but it’s unlikely considering the latter glows in the dark. One regular raw Olive Plentifin sells for 225 Gold at Seaposts.

Amber Plentifin

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Amber Plentifins are the Common variant of Plentifin. They’re still relatively easy to find, but it may take a couple of casts, depending on your luck. Try not to confuse them with the Sunny Splashtail, as both are yellow and look pretty similar in the water. Both the shape and vibrant, orange-red stripe along its body should give it away. One regular raw Amber Plentifin sells for 300 Gold at Seaposts.

Cloudy Plentifin

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The Cloudy Plentifin is the Uncommon variant of Plentifin. It could take a while to find one if you’re unlucky. Also, it’s easy to confuse with a pesky Indigo Splashtail if you’re not careful, which would waste both time and a precious Earthworm. You’ll have to rely on identifying the shape, as well as the distinctive contrast between dark and light blues on the Cloudy. It can be almost impossible to tell them apart at night, though, so try changing the brightness in your game or on your display if you have too much trouble. One regular raw Cloudy Plentifin sells for 375 Gold at Seaposts.

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Bonedust Plentifin

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The elusive Bonedust Plentifin is the Rare variant of Plentifin, making it the hardest Plentifin to find. If you’re lucky, you could catch two in a row. If you’re unlucky, you could fish for three hours and not see one. As always, fishing with a larger crew helps your chances. Like four other fish species, the Plentifin’s Rare variant has an albino color palette, so it’s easily identified by its white body and pink fins. The Bonedust’s eyes are black, however, and it has dark-gray stripes along its back. One regular raw Bonedust Plentifin sells for 3,000 Gold at Seaposts — far more than its counterparts.

Watery Plentifin

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The Watery Plentifin is the Night variant of Plentifin. While you can only catch this variant at night, it should be relatively common. Its vibrant-blue color might otherwise make it difficult to distinguish between an Indigo Splashtail or a Cloudy Plentifin, but the Watery is easily identifiable since it glows blue in the dark. One regular raw Watery Plentifin sells for 300 Gold at Seaposts.

If you’re taking a break between fishing expeditions or just can’t find the one you’re searching for, always check Shipwreck Barrels, Barrels of Plenty, Skeleton Ship Food Barrels, Rowboat Chests, and Storage Crates for random fish.