How to Catch Rayquaza in a Pokémon GO Raid

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Niantic continues to bring Legendary Pokémon to the forefront in Pokémon GO and this one isn’t a push over. Rayquaza is the Dragon and Flying type Legendary Pokémon, meaning that Ice types will be double effective against it. The other types of Pokémon you want to have in your lineup are Dragon, Fairy, and Rock. The Pokémon listed below will ensure you do the most damage against Rayquaza.


This Gen 1 Legendary Ice and Flying type is one you will want to use against Rayquaza. You’ll want a dual ice move combination to do the most damage. The combination of moves you will want is Frost Breath and Ice Beam.


How to Catch Rayquaza in a Pokémon GO Raid

The Ice and Water type Pokémon Lapras, who is also referred to as “The Transport Pokémon” will be a great one to have in your lineup. Just like Articuno, you will want dual ice moves. The moves Frost Breath and Ice Beam are what you want your Lapras to have.


How to Catch Rayquaza in a Pokémon GO Raid

This Dragon and Flying type will match Rayquaz’s type, so be careful when Dragon moves are used against Dragonite. Dragon Tail and Outrage are the moves you will want to have to use against Rayquaza.


This Ice and Water Walrus Pokémon will surely be a welcomed addition to your lineup as it is able to have dual ice moves. You will want your Walrein to have Frost Breath and Blizzard as its moves.


How to Catch Rayquaza in a Pokémon GO Raid

Where would we be without this Ground and Rock type Pokémon? Golem is a heavy hitter when it comes to flying types, and with a move set of Rock Throw and Stone Edge, you’ll be able to take Rayquaza down quickly.

Now that you know which Pokémon to use against this Dragon and Flying type Legendary, you’ll be able to add Rayquaza to your collection of the other Legendary Pokémon.